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May 6, 2024: More Perfect Union

Corporations Are Privatizing Tap Water. You’re Paying the Price. Watch VIdeo

August 8, 2022: The Nation

The War Over Public Water in Pennsylvania. Read Article.

June 18, 2021: NBC News

Residents push back at high sewage and water bills from private companies. Read Article.

January 25, 2022: The Guardian

‘Corporate vultures’: how Americans fearing higher water bills are fighting takeovers. Read Article.

March 23, 2021: The American Prospect

Something in the Water: Should a water authority be privatized to rescue a municipality’s finances? The story of Chester, Pennsylvania, and its environs is an alarming harbinger of things to come. Read Article.

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April 30, 2024: Philadelphia Inquirer

Municipal water system sales leave customers stuck with the bill. Read Article.


April 8, 2024: Philadelphia Inquirer

Water privatization is coming under renewed scrutiny from Pa. lawmakers and regulators as consumers sour on rate increases. Read Article.


January 23, 2024: WHYY

Pa. Senate committee scrutinizes water privatization in Philly suburbs. Read Article.


May 24, 2023: Philadelphia Inquirer

Four steps to keep water affordable for Pennsylvania ratepayers. Read Article.


May 11, 2023: Delaware County Daily Times

Toilet to Tap: Pennsylvania seeing feeding frenzy of sales of public water/sewer systems. Read Article.


December 15, 2022: Philadelphia Inquirer

Despite budget deficits and bankruptcy, Chester should not sell off its water system. Read Article.


November 12, 2022: Delaware County Daily Times

Chester Water Authority likens receiver bankruptcy filing to robbers’ logic. Read Article.


September 18, 2022: Philadelphia Inquirer

It’s time to repeal the Pa. law that allows the sale of municipal water systems. Read Article.

April 13, 2022: WHYY

Pa. Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of Chester Water Authority sale to Aqua. Read Article.


April 13, 2022: Delaware County Daily Times

Pennsylvania Supreme Court takes appeal in Chester Water Authority sale. Read Article.


March 30, 2022: Philadelphia Inquirer

Big water companies are gobbling up public water systems: This means a rate hike for Pa. residents. Read Article.


February 3, 2022: Delaware Valley Journal

Wolf Admin, Aqua ‘Waging War’ on Public Utilities in Distressed Communities, CWA Says. Read Article.


November 14, 2021: WHYY

What’s at stake in the fight over the Chester Water Authority. Read Article.


September 23, 2021: Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. court opens path for Chester city to sell regional water utility to Aqua Pa. to get the city out of hock. Read Article.


September 19, 2021: Delaware County Daily Times

In for a Soaking: Commonwealth Court sides with Chester in Water Authority battle. Read Article.


May 31, 2021: FOX29 NEWS (Video)

Aqua Pennsylvania looking to acquire Chester Water Authority. Watch Video.


May 28, 2021: Patch

House Hearing Targets Aqua’s Efforts To Acquire More DelVal Public Utilities. Read Article.


May 26, 2021: Delaware County Daily Times

Advocate warns of costs of publicly owned water companies. Read Article.


May 22, 2021: Delaware County Daily Times

CWA to celebrate its independence today. Read Article.


May 17, 2021: JD Supra

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Holds That Documents Exchanged by Consultants With Local and State Agencies Do Not Fall Within the Deliberative Process Privilege. Read Article.


May 2, 2021: Philadelphia Inquirer

Residents Fight Sales of Sewer Systems. Read Article.


April 16, 2021: Delaware County Daily Times

Chester Water Authority says receivership no longer needed in Chester. Read Article.


March 21, 2021: Delaware County Daily Times

Environmentalists canvass Chester to lobby for clean air and water. Read Article.


March 17, 2021: The Conversation

COVID-19 has decimated water systems globally, but privatization is not the answer. Read Article.


March 16, 2021: MyChesCo

Wolf Appointee Refuses to Take Position on Potential CWA Sale, Dodges Questions, Says Lawrence. Read Article.


November 22, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

CWA blames Harrisburg for Chester’s ‘financial ruin’ on new website. Read Article.


September 21, 2020: MyChesCo

Lawrence, CWA Chair Tell Lawmakers to Save Chester Water Authority. Read Article.


September 18, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

CWA chair testifies in support of ratepayer vote bill. Read Article.


August 31, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

Will drastic measures solve Chester’s financial woes? Read Article.


August 26, 2020: Delaware Valley Journal

Receiver for City of Chester Outlines Coming Austerity Measures. Read Article.


August 22, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

Letter to the Editor: Don’t sell the Chester Water Authority Read Article.


June 15, 2020: Delaware Valley Journal

Chester Water Authority Ratepayers May Get Final Say Over Proposed Sale. Read Article.


June 1, 2020: Esquire

Privatizing Your Water Supply Is Generally a Terrible Idea. Read Article.


May 28, 2020: In the Public Interest

A Philly suburb wants to sell its water, offering a glimpse of post-COVID America. Read Article.


May 17, 2020: Lancaster Online

Residents Fear Loss of Public Use of 2,000-acre Octoraro Reservoir Property. Read Article.


May 13, 2020: Chadds Ford Live

Concord opposes sale of CWA. Read Article.


May 9, 2020: Chadds Ford Live

Kennett supervisors plow on. Read Article.


April 29, 2020: The Spirit 

Brookhaven urges Wolf to support CWA. Read Article.


April 22, 2020: Chester Matters Blog 

Chester Water Authority is as transparent as water. Read Article.


April 22, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

Chester to open bids for water authority sale. Read Article.


April 17, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

Wolf issues declaration of fiscal emergency for Chester. Read Article.


March 30, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

Acts of Kindness: Chester Water Authority employees recognized as heroes in fight against coronavirus. Read Article.


February 13, 2020: Delaware County Daily Times

Chester tests market on water authority sale. Read Article.


November 1, 2019: Delaware County Daily Times

Editorial: Another anti-sale voice rejoins the Chester Water board. Read Article.


October 28, 2019: Chester County Press

Guest Essay: Water, Water everywhere, nor any drop to drink. Read Article.


October 15, 2019: Delaware County Daily Times

Editorial: The tranquil waters of Chester Water about to get choppy again. Read Article.


October 13, 2019: Delaware County Daily Times

Water Wars: Chester Water, city, Aqua due back in court this week. Read Article.


October 1, 2019: Philadelphia Inquirer

Was Philly region’s largest water-utility sale a politically motivated sweetheart deal? Read Article.

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from the Pennsylvania Constitution,
Article I, Section 27:
"The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania's public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the people."